Program Details


Registration for the Bozeman NICA Team will open in April of 2021 (date tbd). Please be aware that we have to cap the size of our team and will have a waitlist this year!

Bozeman NICA Team Fees (2021): 

  • $200 Bozeman NICA Team Program Fee (required)
  • $67.50 NICA National fee (required)
  • $45 Montana NICA League fee (required)
  • $25/$35 (middle school/high school) optional race entry fee (per race)

**Scholarships are available thanks to our generous sponsors! Please visit our scholarship page. In addition, we continue to seek additional sponsors and donations that enable us to financially support the team. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or making a tax-deductible financial contribution to Bozeman Youth Cycling and the Bozeman NICA Team, please contact us!

**Please remember the Bozeman NICA Teams are a cross-country mountain bike team (not enduro or downhill).

Spring and Practice Schedule (2021)

May/June 2021: Pre-season events (these are HIGHLY encouraged to attend!):

  • XXX Online  – Student-Athlete and Parent Info Meeting 
  • XXX Online – Volunteer Coaches Meeting (parents this is for you)
  • XXX – Bike Check and Helmet Fit at the Lindley Center. You must have your bike and helmet checked-out prior to the riding season.
  • XXX – Trail work up at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center (for high school and parents)
  • XXX – Skills practice at Lindley (check your email for details)
  • Friday, July 2nd – First practice evening for the team!

July/August 2021: Bozeman NICA Team practices will take place 2 to 3 days per week, per the following schedule:

  • Monday 5:15pm to 7:15pm  – Crosscut Mountain Sports Center
  • Wednesday – High School Team – 9am to 11am – in town, Sunset Hills (Lindley)/Highland Glen/Painted Hills/Triple Tree trails
  • Wednesday – Middle School Team – 5:15pm to 7pm – in town, Sunset Hills (Lindley)/Highland Glen/Painted Hills/Triple Tree trails
  • Friday 4pm to 5:30pm/Saturday mornings  – approximately every other week ONLY, mixed locations (town trails, Crosscut or Copper City)

September/October 2020: Bozeman NICA Team practices will continue to take place 1-2 days per week during September and part of October!

  • Mondays 4:00pm to 5:30pm – town trails
  • Wednesdays 4:00pm to 5:30pm – town trails

We realize that not every participant will make every practice – and that’s okay!
Come when you can!

TRAIL WORK: We love contributing to our trail systems and we love supporting our team partners Crosscut Mountain Sports Center and GVLT. We will have numerous trail work days scheduled this summer. Please try and sign-up for at least one trail work event! More trail work = more trails and features to bike on!

Please see our full summer season calendar HERE (TBA).

Parent Involvement

The Bozeman NICA Team is committed to creating a sense of community and excitement around mountain biking. One of the ways we accomplish this is by asking you, the parents, to be involved! There are volunteer opportunities for everyone: we need lots of parents willing to ride with groups at practice (and, no, you don’t need to be an expert!) but we also need parents to help with carpooling, team communications, fundraising, travel and food logistics for races, and much, much more. Please reach out to get involved – WE NEED YOU!


P1150022-copy.jpgThe Bozeman NICA Team is all about having fun, teaching skills, enhancing fitness, and building confidence on the bike. We believe cycling has the added ability to instill skills that will benefit students well into their adult lives, whether a rider races or remains a recreational cyclist, and we want students to first and foremost discover those life skills.

Many of our participants may want to try racing or strengthen their love for cycling by racing. The newly-formed Montana NICA League will be hosting five races this fall. As we know from last season – these races are guaranteed to be fun, community-building events, as well a chance to meet youth riders from around the state. However, racing is optional and nobody will be pressured to race.

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