F.A.Q. – BYC Youth Program

I tried to register my kid(s) last year and the program was full! Why can’t you take more kids?

Since we started BYC in 2016, we have been continually amazed by the level of interest in our program! Every year, we’ve tried to grow the program: from around 50 kids in 2016, to nearly 180 in 2018! We continue to grow, but must remain committed to the quality of the program, as well as limitations imposed on us by riding venues and group size. In 2019, by splitting into two age-defined programs (Youth and BozeNICA) we plan to be able to double our capacity once again.  

What equipment will my child need?

  • A two-wheeled pedal bike (mountain bike), in good working order, with gears and 2 hand brakes. Having off-road specific (knobby) tires are best. NO training wheels, NO coaster (pedal/foot) brakes.
  • A properly fitted helmet
  • Closed-toe shoes (no sandals)
  • Water (hydration) pack or belt for carrying water and snacks – or a bike-mounted water bottle cage
  • Recommended but not required: bike gloves, other protective clothing (knee pads, elbow pads), sunglasses

My child doesn’t have a mountain bike. Do you have loaners?

Thanks to a few generous people, we do have few bikes to loan to riders. We are also going to host a first-ever BYC Team Bike Swap in April (more info coming soon). Please also check-out the Gallatin Valley Bike Club’s Bike Swap in the spring as well as the Bike Kitchen. In addition, feel free to email us to ask if we’ve heard of any local used bikes for sale.

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