Why NICA? Why not just have your own program for middle school and high school kids?

One of our goals from the beginning has been to grow the sport of mountain biking for middle school and high school kids. NICA is a national program with ten years of experience doing just this. By joining the newly formed Montana NICA League, we are able to offer a comprehensive, compelling, and fun program that in many ways mirrors the fun and team camaraderie of a school sport. In addition, NICA provides us with invaluable resources such as coaches training, risk management, administrative support, and a statewide race program.

But my kid just wants to mountain bike with other kids. Isn’t NICA for racing?

Yes, NICA offers race experiences for kids that want to try it. And, yes, we encourage as many kids as possible to try racing because we think they will fall in love with the infectious, high-energy fun of the NICA race experience. But racing is, and will always be, optional and no one will be pressured to race. Every practice session will be about having fun, learning new skills, challenging ourselves, and supporting each other’s growth as riders and as humans. Did we mention having fun?

We can’t fit in three practices a week. Do you offer a one or two day a week program for a reduced fee?

There is no requirement to attend all practices, and we fully expect our participants to have busy summer schedules that include other activities as well as travel. All participants are welcome and encouraged to join practices whenever they can. However, there is no fee reduction for riding less than 3X/week. We strive to keep the NICA program fee as low as possible so that no kids are left out, and you’ll notice that it is actually comparable to the one and two day per week BYC Youth Program.

Is this program for beginner mountain bike riders?

All levels of riders are welcome – from never-evers to national champions! During practices, we will split up into groups according to ability, experience, and energy levels of the day. There are no set groups, so kids can choose which group to ride with on any given day.

What equipment do I need?

It’s simple: you need a working bike, a properly-fitted helmet, water (in a bottle cage on your bike or in a hydration backpack), and enthusiasm for riding! Some kids feel better with additional protective equipment like gloves and knee-pads, these are encouraged (esp gloves!) but not required.

Note that we did NOT say you needed a $2,000 bike!! Most riders ride on used equipment. That said, we want you riding on a bike in decent condition (good brakes, working shifters). You can find good bikes for $500 or sometimes even less on sites like Craigslist and PinkBike. Let us know if you need help!

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