Bozeman NICA Team

We are excited to announce that Bozeman Youth Cycling and the new Montana League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) have joined forces to start a NICA team in Bozeman.
NICA develops interscholastic mountain biking programs for middle and high school students across the United States. Its mission is to:
  • Promote athlete skills development, self-confidence, teamwork, professionalism and respect for the community and the environment
  • Promote the sport of mountain biking and the benefits of mountain biking as a healthy, low impact, outdoor recreational lifestyle

2019 will be the first official year of Montana’s NICA league and the Bozeman team, but our goal is to lay the groundwork by forming a trial team in 2018. This team will be an optional add-on to the already established BYC program for participants ages 12 and up (Ridge Riders). There will be 6-8 additional practices on weekends beginning in July, as well as the opportunity to travel to one or two Idaho NICA races in late August/early September. Estimated team size is 6-18 kids.

This year the program is only available to athletes already enrolled in BYC. 
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